Drew Barrymore~~Monique Lhuillier Gown

It was a toss up~~"Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" or the stars arriving at The 61st Prime-time Emmy Awards...we started with the Emmy's until a completely creepy vampire commercial pulled the protective Mommy out of me and back we went to Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.   While I love to watch the "Fashions" at awards shows, it is probably one of the areas in life where I suffer from sudden ADD.  I just can't seem to sit there for hours watching practically every winner get up there and say:  " I can't believe I'm up here!"  when they darn well know they have spent hours trying to conjure up some amazing, witty, unique speech that will make them stand out from all the rest because deep down they are convinced that they alone are deserving to be on that stage.  

All cattiness aside, I did really fall for Drew Barrymore's ensemble.  I've read some of the early reviews and cannot be swayed~~I loved it.  She looked stunning~~feminine, soft, regal & old world Hollywood glam with a splash of princess thrown in.  While some are faulting her neutral, one~tone ensemble as blah, it strikes me as understated, self~assured elegance.  It's tasteful & refreshingly modest, and she looks completely comfortable in it.  Her hair was in my favorite sort of up~do, not too severe, but elegant and grown up.  And her make up was perfect~~the ruby red lips were the perfect splash of color.  Her gracious, congratulatory expressions of joy when she watched Jessica Lange receive the award for Grey Gardens proves her to be a lady through and through.  I give Drew Barrymore an A+!!

(Photo courtesy of Getty Images)

(Photo courtesy of Getty Images)

Rose Byrne~~vintage Valentino

Of course I absolutely must comment on Rose Byrne in this vintage Valentino~~another stunning ensemble.  This gown looks as if it were made for her.  While her hair does look pretty, I would have liked to have seen it up, perhaps in a chignon, or at least the sides up, maybe in a 1940s~ish half~up~do style.   Another A+ for her!

I think what I like most about awards shows is that, for the most part, Hollywood looks like Hollywood.  There are so many celebrity tabloid magazines that feature stars in such ordinary, everyday, and at times, just plain hideous clothing and attire that it is refreshing to see them dressed to the nines!  

She's got Bette Davis eyes. . .

Congratulations to all the winners, and for all the Mad Men fans, it looks like there will be a season four, doesn't it???



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