I wonder if I'm alone in feeling a bit let down by American "Glossies" as of late. . .I flip through them while waiting in the check out line and sort of feel, well, nothing.  I used to have all sorts of subscriptions and looked forward to them with great anticipation.  But one by one, I let them expire and now I just treat myself to one now and then when I find something that catches my eye.  It seems that a lot of the fashions have become so modernly outlandish that I just can't relate to them or feel inspired by them.  Where am I going to wear a shredded mini dress made out of a trash can liner that's been dipped in gold paint and covered with feathers & safety pins?  I live in a typical suburban town where getting dressed up to go out usually means a clean pair of khakis & a crisp white shirt with flats.  Even if I lived in SoHo or 5th Avenue, I don't think I would choose the shredded mini~~it's just not me. 

So I have been rather delighted to have found two magazines within the past two months that I actually felt the desire to splurge on~~and they were both issues of Vanity Fair.  As I'm quite sure you know, the September issue had an amazing spread based on Mad Men's Don & Betty Draper and the photographs were stunning.  I guess I have to admit that my adoration for "Vintage Fashion"  leaves me a bit "closed~minded" about some of what is considered "Modern Fashion".  So when a modern magazine features or achieves the look & feel of an issue that dates back 50 years~~my little heart goes pitter~patter!  This was one of those times!


 Being quite content with that glossy~fix, I had no intention of splurging on another magazine.  Until I walked into CVS and  saw my fashion icon JBKO on the cover of the October issue and, of course, had to have that issue as well.  This is one of my favorite photographs of her, and I believe it was JFK's favorite of her, as well.

So, two months in a row, Vanity Fair has delivered.  One of my favorite sections in the magazine is "FAN FARE" and the October issue has a great tribute to

Rovos Rail


"We have re~discovered the train.  We abandoned her for the convenience and speed
of the airplane and vowed never to look back.  But there's something relaxing about the
familiar, rhythmic sounds of the rails and looking out the window as the landscape whistles past you. 
The great train journey to somewhere special is about enjoying the trip as much as it is about arriving
at the destination."

~~DAISY FINER~Vanity Fair~October 2009

If, like me, you are a fan of old~world train travel, then treat yourself to this issue and enjoy!



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