Summer has most definitely arrived here at the North East Coast. . .and with it the daily wardrobe conundrum~~what should I wear?  Old J Crew cotton drawstring shorts and a soft, cool baggy Gap T~shirt call loudly from the bottom drawer each day, especially if it's just a lazy day at home.  And while that is more than fine for some hot, lazy summer days hiding out from the heat & humidity, watching old movies and eating ice cream sandwiches & popsicles,  one does eventually have to venture out into the "Real World"  (if only to replenish the Ice Cream Sandwich & Popsicle supply!)

So what's a gal to wear?


Green 4 Leaf Clover 60s Playsuit from Billy Goat Vintage on Etsy

The Romper/Play-suit/Jumper has made a big comeback

via Stylefeeder

but there is still a bit of a debate about the look.

I guess it all comes down to "HOW" you wear it.  It can look amazing, or downright horrible.

But when you think about it, that is true about almost every fashion trend, don't you agree?  While rompers and play suits have been around forever


They are a bit of a "trend" right now and if you are a vintage clothing lover there are some amazing pieces out there, like this adorable little number below (click on the image to find out the details, it is still available, so hurry!)

Sailor Romper Vintage Playsuit 1970s Shorts XL

I love this sailor~inspired little number.  Alas, it is already in the closet of some very fortunate vintage gal!

Vintage 1980s Romper/Playsuit

Sunglasses: Vintage, Made in France
Romper:  1980s Vintage (no label)
Purse:  Vintage wicker clutch, Made In Italy
Shoes:  michelle K

Here's how I'm wearing "Le Romper" this summer~~we spent the afternoon on our boat and at the pool~~it was quite comfortable to wear*, and I was very cool despite the heat that day.  I paired it with some flat leather sandals (for practicality!) and that made for a more dressed down, casual look. *(Downside:  You have to practically take the suit off to use the restroom.)

What's your take on the Romper/Playsuit look?  I'd love to hear your thoughts on it.  And if you are on the hunt for the perfect little romper for those dog days of August just ahead, here is a cute one I just added to "The Shoe"

now available at The Red Velvet Shoe!

Have a wonderful week!



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