Ok, dear readers, it's time to show the love!  My friend LuLu over at Lulu's Vintage Blog is hosting her annual "Lulu's Vintage Top Ten" & "Lulu's Vintage People's Choice Top Ten" and she has very graciously added "THE RED VELVET SHOE" to her list of suggestions.

Polka dot banner 

(Thanks, Lulu!)

So now, it's your turn!  If you do, indeed, think that "The Red Velvet Shoe" is deserving of this honour, please  CLICK HERE TO VOTE FOR ME!  But read the rest of this post first to know what to do to vote:

After you click on the link above, take a moment to read the contest/voting instructions at the top of the post.  You must leave a comment over at Lulu's Blog to have your vote counted~~just scroll down to the comment form on her blog and vote away.  You can use an alias if you prefer to remain a "mystery" and don't worry~~your email address is not included in your comment, but you must enter a valid email address.  You can leave the "URL" line blank, unless you'd like to include a link back to your website/blog then you enter your address there.  You must name "The Red Velvet Shoe" in your comment.  All comments are held for approval so it may not show up right away. 

If you voted, take a peek at the list of comments (there are about 10 pages already!!)  at Lulu's to make sure your comment made it~~just clicking on "The Red Velvet Shoe" on her list of nominated websites will not show up as a vote. ~~I'm mentioning this because many readers have emailed to tell me they voted but they are not showing up~~we can't have that!!

The winners will be announced on Tuesday, June 30th, so stay tuned to find out if we made the grade! 

Thank you so much!  I am forever grateful!! 



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