"Darling, let's go somewhere. . ."


"Okay, where do you want to go?"


"Um, I was thinking somewhere a bit closer. . ."

"How does Denver sound?"

I have to admit that when my husband told me he had a seminar to attend in Denver and invited me along, I wasn't exactly thrilled.  I guess it has never been very high up on my list of places to visit and I sort of begrudgingly agreed.

  Then he said he didn't want to check any luggage and I almost told him to count me out. . .that alone can give a vintage clothing gal heart failure.  I mean, they used to bring steamer trunks with them!  And all I'm allowed is this tiny excuse for a suitcase on wheels?  With a weight limit?   My train case alone weighs 25 lbs!

Once the shock wore off, and I did a bit of exploring on~line about Denver, I decided I wouldn't worry so much about not being able to bring my whole closet, and focus on the amazing city I was about to spend three days in.

Such as:

Brown palace hotel denver 

The Brown Palace Hotel

Brown palace hotel denver (6) 

Where I found this gentleman tickling the ivories in the lobby of this luxurious, old world style hotel. . .glamorous & elegant. . .gracious & refined. . .

Brown palace hotel denver (7) 

Even the phones are elegant. . .

Denver state capitol (5) 

Inside the historic State Capitol Building. . .stunning,

Denver state capitol (12) 

Is this Versailles or Denver?

 denver civic center park (3) 

A stroll through Civic Center Park reminded me of this great vintage film scene:

Oooooh, look, a bookstore!!

Tattered cover book store denver 

Welcome to The Tattered Cover Bookstore. . .

Tattered cover book store denver (2) 

Filled with lovely old maps. . .

Tattered cover book store denver (3) 

A cafe'

Tattered cover book store denver (4) 

And three floors of wonderful, wonderful books!

Tattered cover book store denver (5)

Onto Larimer Square

Larimer square denver (4) 

Where I discovered

Larimer square denver Bistro Vendome (3) 

A quaint French Restaurant

Larimer square denver Bistro Vendome (4)

called "Bistro Vendome"

Larimer square denver (5)  

Amazing boutiques filled with lace frilled frocks. . .

Larimer square denver Victoriana Antique & Fine Jewelry(13) 

The lovely  "Victoriana~Antique & Fine Jewelry"  establishment where I enjoyed a delightful conversation with shop clerk Kaid. 

Larimer square denver Ferocious Fiona(11) 

Had the pleasure of meeting "Ferocious Fiona"~~mascot of "Equipment de Vin"~~a lovely little shop filled with wonderful french table and wine wares.

Larimer square denver Samba Room Cuban Bar (8) 

And finished the day with a magnificent dinner at

Larimer square denver Samba Room Cuban Bar (5) 


Larimer square denver Samba Room Cuban Bar (6) 

After deciding I would need to acquire a taste for the infamous "Caipirinha" cocktail, my waitress graciously replaced it with a cool, refreshing Mojito. . .just what this tired tourist needed!

Paramount theatre denver 

Denver architecture 

Denver architecture (3) 

While a very modern, high-tech city, there is an air of old world beauty to many of the buildings we strolled by. . .

Denver architecturejune 09 (72)_200x300  

I even managed to find an empty store front that would be marvelous for "The Red Velvet Shoe"~~if we lived in Denver, that is!

Feb 1 1934 vogue Rene Bouet~Willaumez Augustabernard Tweed Ensemble

So while I wasn't the glamorous traveler I would have liked to have been, I did have a wonderful time in Denver!




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