It always amazes me what one can find for blog~post inspiration. . .I actually laugh when I see TypePads little list of "New Blog Post Ideas"~~I could post 50 times a day and not run out of amazing things to share with you. I tend to begin with one theme and then find myself drifting off course, going down a pretty path to nowhere and everywhere at the same time. . .and today is no exception!

To begin, I have recently made the acquaintance of a fellow vintage clothing collector and boutique owner via blogville.  When I first received an email from her, I was impressed by the way she took time to write as if she were writing a real letter.  She had  pretty stationary (aka "background") and wrote in beautiful penmanship (aka "font") and had all the composition propriety of a real, old fashioned letter.  I started to feel a bit nostalgic for the days when hand~writing a letter was the only way you could correspond.  Days when the mailman's visit brought the possibility of a letter from a loved one or friend from far away. . .



Days when we had real mail boxes. . .

 when letters were revered, especially if from one's love. . .


Sigh. . .okay back to 2009!










Please allow me to introduce her to you. . .


Meet Christina of the amazing new vintage boutique she so perfectly calls FABULOUS FINDS & CO where you will truly find some fabulous things!  She offers vintage not only for the wardrobe but also for the home, and she has some absolute treasures to offer.  Promise me you'll go visit her and tell her I said hello! 

While I was looking for the vintage mail images above, I found a few other great vintage sites I just had to share with you. 



  You can find more beautiful images like this at Circa Vintage Clothing Blog.  It was there that I found a link to this next amazing vintage blog:



  It's called Super Kawaii Mama and it's chock full of all kinds of vintage~~from how to do your hair in a 1940s up-do to replicating a vintage manicure. . .it's a lot of fun and I know you'll find some vintage wardrobe inspiration.  She even hosted a Mad Men look~alike contest, click here to see the great photos and winners!


And I couldn't sign off without sharing these amazing photographs taken by the late talented photographer Tom Palumbo who's work I found via this fantastic blog.  His work is beyond amazing and, once again, I am a new fan of something old. . .


So, as I stated at the outset, my inspiration for blog posts is never wanting, and meandering off the road down those little paths is always, always, always rewarding!  And I find I absolutely MUST share the wealth!!

BLOG SIGNATURE  PS~~Apologies for the strange image layout~~Type Pad wasn't cooperating with this post :)


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