Thegreatgatsby2 Looking for a great summer flick to watch with some great vintage clothing inspiration?

Look no further!

I realize many would be insulted to think those are the reasons to watch this amazing film, but I humbly admit that when I am not feeling scholarly, these are my reasons.  (Seeing some 2008 CE  fashion disaster roaming around a famous taking~over~the~planet discount store is another very good reason to watch this film~~it reminds one of a time when people actually cared about what they looked like and they looked very fine, indeed.)

I read this wonderful post over at Hemingway's Paris and decided it was time to read this book again, or at the very least, watch the movie. . .which I have done numerous times. . .and while searching for some images I came across this:

The great gatsby A&E2001An A&E version of The Great Gatsby!  I never knew it existed and am now on the hunt for it. . .not that anything could replace the Robert Redford version but I would still enjoy seeing it. . .

July 1990victoria To go along with the whole Gatsby theme, here is one of my favorite issues of Victoria magazinge. . .(there are a few available on eBay if you like what you see!)  It's the July 1990 issue and it is wonderful for 1920's inspiration! 

This photo was taken at the Dunsmuir Historic Estate where they host an annual Gatsby Afternoon, be sure to scroll down on the link page for some great photos from those who have been fortunate enough to attend!  And if you are enjoying the whole 1920's fashion theme, check out this link for some more Great Gatsby~ness!

What a way to spend a summer afternoon. . .

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