Take Me Out to the Ballgame II

Take Me Out to the Ballgame III


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Clambake This beautiful ad is from House & Garden many, many moons ago to advertise how wonderful it is to have a Clambake. . .(she looks a lot like THIS blogger vintage beauty!)

A Clam Bake is cooked in the ground with seaweed (and usually at the beach which it isn't quite warm enough for) so to make it a lot easier we chose to do a Clam Boil and this is what it looked like:

100_2452 A good old fashioned Clam Boil~~so delicious!!!  And here we are enjoying it:  Handsome Hubby, Uncle Bunckle, Arden, long lost orphan friend Brad who excels at self extended invitations to park it at our kitchen table (we are thinking of adding him as a write off this year!) LOL! and my little pumpkin girl. (I, of course, am balancing on a chair taking the picture!)

100_2453 I guess the dress code has altered once again. . .it's a bit on the messy side anyway so I wouldn't get too dressed up for it, even if I did live in the 50's.

Oh!  the joy of a weekend with family, friends & yummy food tastes better than ever!!! 


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