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Check out this great Vintage c100_2317ardtable my mom scored at a yard sale for $5.00!  "Thou shalt not covet" I keep telling myself!  I love the picture~~it looks like a Farmer's Market in Europe.  And I just love the red dress on the lady walking the dog~~so vintage!

100_2320 This is the back of it.

Does anyone recognize anything in the picture?  I'd love to find out how old it is so if you have any info please leave a comment! 

And look at this Vintage sweater I scored at a little shop that I frequent:

100_2307 The bead work is amazing and in excellent condition.  What a perfect time of  year to wear something so pretty & feminine!

(If spring ever actually arrives, that is!)

100_2315 Here are some goodies I've found lately. . .the book is French which I cannot read to save my life but it has beautiful photographs and it is my favorite shade of blue!  The note cards are taken from the book  Lawrence Alma~Tadema by RJ Barrow and are titled "Luxury & Decadence". . .there are 16 different images and they are all stunning! 

Of course the Spring issue of Victoria which I am very pleased is back however I must quietly admit there is something missing this time around with it's publication. . .has anyone else thought/felt so?  It's well done but it just seems, or should I say, it feels like there is something missing and I am not sure what.  Any thoughts?

I found the labels at Homegoods for under $5.00 each and just had to bring them home. . .my daughter and I used some to tag our luggage when we traveled in February.  I love to find pictures of old suitcases covered with stickers from all around the world!  They don't stick quite as well to nylon, though.  Another downside of modern travel gear, I guess.

Hmm, what else can I find?100_1824

Oooooh, this is a good one!  A few years ago I bought a beautiful little black suede Vintage purse made in Spain.  When I got home I looked in the tiny pocket and found this stamp inside. . .why did she save it?  Who is John F. Donovan?  Did she meet him in Hong Kong?  Did they ever meet?  Was it a last love letter before her wedding to another?

I think the mystery of it all is delightful!  This is another goodie I would like to find out about.  Maybe the postal mark has a date on it?  Once again I find myself wishing I spoke another language!!

My curiosity about the past of Vintage treasures is probably the most intriguing part of collecting.  That and wondering how in the world a size 12 in the 1950's came with a 26" waist!  Where would that put a modern size 12 in that era?  Yikes!  How Americans have grown! 

Have a great week everyone,


xx ~ Michelle