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Auction Preview or Laundry?


We had unexpected company this week and after trying to decide between Duty & Designer Vintage Clothes I threw caution to the wind and took a drive Friday afternoon to preview an amazing collection of art, antiques, books, and yes~~Vintage Designer Clothing. . .I happened to drop by one of my favorite Vintage Clothing Links and found out about The Estate of DD Ryan & made a last minute decision to meet my friend there (who, coincidentally,  has something listed for auction during Session II which will be held Sunday afternoon.)

Here are a few of the beautiful possessions that could be yours for the bidding today:

Ddryanpaisleycoat1_2 Ddryanpaisleycoat This coat was absolutely stunning. . .it was the best piece in the collection and there were many interested parties trying it on and contacting their clients.  It was in excellent condition and I know there is a very happy new owner of this Vintage Gem out there somewhere tonight!! 

(If you are curious about the final bid, click here. . .)

Ddryan_coll This took a close second. . .I would guess it dated back to turn of the century.  Stunning. The fabric was divine.

Unfortunately, it had mold & damage but you never know~~it may show up on a runway somewhere after some brilliant designer takes it apart and uses it as a pattern for some New Old Vintage Inspired Collection!

Ddblechman A young DD Ryan. . .

If you go to Grogan & Company's Website you can read all about her amazing life and the circles she swirled in. . .she was originally from Bristol, Rhode Island.

(She reminds me a bit of Audrey Hepburn in many of the photos I saw)


This was one of the beautiful works of art up for auction. . . by French Artist Marcel Vertes.  Oil on canvas. 

Entitled:  Couples Embrace

A beautiful way to spend a Friday afternoon. . .and my friend ended up on New England Cable News to boot!

Another reason to ALWAYS have your lipstick on!!


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