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Spring is here!  I thought  I would share this beautiful image with you  today. 

I am almost anxious to get going with my Spring Cleaning! My favorite day is setting the patio furniture out!  It makes it official that we will be outside and not cooped up anymore!

Cleanclosetbw Which will hopefully inspire me  to tackle that closet we have been stuffing boots and bulky sweaters into all winter and turn it  into something more like this.

I hope you had a wonderful first day of Spring and are as anxious for the warm, sunny days on their way as I am!

Little cotton dresses, ballet flats, short~sleeved vintage cardigans my grandmother once wore.

Oh yes, it is Spring!!!

xx ~ Michelle


Putonyourshoes If you read through the comments left on my post about visiting Disney with my family, you will see that my dear friend Lisa joked about the fact that I wore sneakers while there.  The reason she would pick up on this seemingly "what's the big deal" matter is that we share a similar opinion about said footwear.

I walk almost daily for the fresh air & exercise and yes, almost 99% of the time I wear my sneakers.  I don't care if they get muddy or wet, and I would venture to say they probably have the best traction of any shoe in my closet. (They also are the one of the few shoes I own that are not heels.)   However, 99% of the time they are removed at the door and sit there beside my wellies & loafers waiting for the next time the sun peeks out and I venture out again. 

The dilemma for this Vintage~Fashion~Style~Lover when I discovered Disney was Le Destination for our winter vacation was:  What in the world am I going to wear while traipsing all around Amusement Parks for a week?  Most citizens of the US would without a doubt answer:


But what if you generally don't wear sneakers?  Ever?  Unless you are doing your daily walk?  What if you try to bomb around in sneakers like so many who live here and just find yourself feeling frumpy, untidy, lazy, like you've given up?  I am not saying wearing sneakers means that.  I am simply saying that when I wear them other than when I am exercising that I feel like that.  Maybe I've read too much about proper dress & style, maybe a bit too much about why French woman always looks fantastic, maybe it's all the beautiful books & photographs I have acquired on vintage fashion when ladies dressed to the nines and looked amazing!  Maybe I just like to feel put together and for whatever bizarre reason in my DNA I just don't feel it when I am in sneakers. Maybe I just love pretty shoes?!

To make a long story short, I buckled under marital pressure (see my Disney post) and brought & wore sneakers for the entire week I was there.  Was I comfortable?  Physically, yes.  I pounded the pavement without a single complaint of discomfort.  But mentally, I could not seem to feel comfortable in my sneakers.  To the point I could say it sort of detracted from my trip.  Now, if you are a sneaker lover you probably think I am the most shallow person on the planet.  However, if you love style & fashion, especially vintage fashion, perhaps you will understand how much I wanted to wear something a bit more. . .I don't know. . .feminine?   Romantic?   Stylish?  Travelgoddess_2 Pretty?

So after looking through some travel photos both modern & vintage I decided to do a bit of Internet research on:


and thought I would share a few of the interesting links I found with you:

1)  A great selection of shoes that look great & are comfortable, too!

2)This website will practically pack your suitcase for you!

3)  A bit of European advice

I guess in the end it depends where  your destination is and finding out as much as you can about the culture, climate and what you will be doing while you are visiting.  Actually, my sneakers fit right in in Disney.  .  .but, WHICH PAIR would you choose?

It is important to remember what Shakespeare said:  "To thine own self be true".  .  .next time I'll pick a different pair!


xx ~ Michelle

Auction Preview or Laundry?


We had unexpected company this week and after trying to decide between Duty & Designer Vintage Clothes I threw caution to the wind and took a drive Friday afternoon to preview an amazing collection of art, antiques, books, and yes~~Vintage Designer Clothing. . .I happened to drop by one of my favorite Vintage Clothing Links and found out about The Estate of DD Ryan & made a last minute decision to meet my friend there (who, coincidentally,  has something listed for auction during Session II which will be held Sunday afternoon.)

Here are a few of the beautiful possessions that could be yours for the bidding today:

Ddryanpaisleycoat1_2 Ddryanpaisleycoat This coat was absolutely stunning. . .it was the best piece in the collection and there were many interested parties trying it on and contacting their clients.  It was in excellent condition and I know there is a very happy new owner of this Vintage Gem out there somewhere tonight!! 

(If you are curious about the final bid, click here. . .)

Ddryan_coll This took a close second. . .I would guess it dated back to turn of the century.  Stunning. The fabric was divine.

Unfortunately, it had mold & damage but you never know~~it may show up on a runway somewhere after some brilliant designer takes it apart and uses it as a pattern for some New Old Vintage Inspired Collection!

Ddblechman A young DD Ryan. . .

If you go to Grogan & Company's Website you can read all about her amazing life and the circles she swirled in. . .she was originally from Bristol, Rhode Island.

(She reminds me a bit of Audrey Hepburn in many of the photos I saw)


This was one of the beautiful works of art up for auction. . . by French Artist Marcel Vertes.  Oil on canvas. 

Entitled:  Couples Embrace

A beautiful way to spend a Friday afternoon. . .and my friend ended up on New England Cable News to boot!

Another reason to ALWAYS have your lipstick on!!


xx ~ Michelle