Jane Austen, anyone?
A Family Heirloom

A Perfect Day to Picnic

Today was one of those "Spring Tease" days here in the North East. . .I do believe it actually hit 60 degrees around here, if not warmer!

So my daughter and I decided it was a perfect day to picnic. . .100_2086

100_2090 I brought along my copy of "Emma" and a picnic basket full of goodies.  It was a beautiful afternoon and when the next blizzard hits we will remember this gem of a day fondly!

I love to picnic~~especially with a real picnic basket & not a big bright red & white cooler!  I do appreciate modern technology & the cooler has it's definite benefits.  But somehow it is not quite as romantic as a picnic basket.  I can't seem to imagine Emma taking tea with Mr. Knightley from a "cooler"~~it just doesn't seem the same!

Packing a picnic is a wonderful family tradition to continue or begin if you have not yet  made time for this nostalgic, relaxing, simple pleasure.  It is also a wonderful way to spend time with friends & family. 

And yes, you can picnic in the winter, in the snow!   Remember that scene at the very beginning of Out of Africa in Denmark?  There are so many beautiful ways to enjoy the seasons. . .I hope you are!

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