Baby, It's Cold Outside!

Yes, you may use the bathroom!

Question du jour:

Can we ever be truly finished decorating?

I, for one, can never say I am completely "finished" with "dressing a room".   The same goes for "getting ready" for some special occasion. . .I will continue to tweak my look until my husband stands with my coat open with that stare that is screaming LET'S GO!  (Thankfully he only verbalizes  it under extreme circumstances, "the look" is usually enough for me!)

So while the major work involved in the makeover for my upstairs bath is complete~~I can't say the same for the decorating . . .I'm still tweaking that part (which is also the fun part!)   But one thing is for sure~~I don't have to brush my teeth with my eyes closed anymore!!!  Or beg my house ~guests to use the downstairs bathroom!!  Here are some photos of it:

100_2047 100_2043

I made the velvet curtain topper~~still deciding on the curtain rod~~I think it needs bolder finials. I love the contrast of the light, delicate lace with the dark, rich velvet. . .

Remember the piano stool I found at the auction last summer?  Well here it is, all spiffed up and a perfect place for my old Victoria magazines (each month I update the stack with all the old issues for that "month"~~they are wonderful for inspiration!)100_2037_2

This sweet little picture was a card my Aunt sent me a few years ago.  I framed it with this beautiful antique frame I've had for years.

100_2035 I love, love, love this print~~I found it at Homegoods for $29.99 and snatched it up!   Although I have to confess that I worked at a Fine Art Gallery for years and know how to do Custom Framing so when I buy ready~ made it sort of feels like a champagne lover filling their flute with Budweiser (nothing against Bud~~I actually like it in the summertime!)   I had to lug it around the store since there were no more carts available but now I am so very glad that I did!!  This is actually very different from most of the art in our home but I just loved it and the black frame really makes a statement against my "Creme Brulee" walls.  (Which actually finished with more of an olive tone than I imagined but I am very happy with it!)

I thought this print was fun~~and it gives me my claw foot tub, doesn't it?  I love to use a small image with an extra wide mat.

100_2041 100_2045

My husband brought this beautiful Antique picture home from an old farmhouse in Iowa years ago~~it is marked 1875!  (Thank goodness he didn't throw this out!)


This paisley shower curtain was my color scheme inspiration~~I found it one day and knew instantly. . .and that is my Vintage bias cut nightgown that I found years ago and have had hanging in our bedroom~~I thought it looked pretty on the back of the door.


The only thing about a room makeover is that the rest of your home tends to look like a bomb went off~~has anyone else noticed that?  Why does every other room get ransacked because of one teeny, tiny bathroom??

Maybe that should be the question du jour?

One last thing~~we are having our first snow fall here today~~here are some photos from this afternoon & this evening. . .if you don't have any snow here is a little from me to you!!   



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