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The Powder Room Calls

You know that project in your home that you keep putting off, and the weeks go by until it gets to the point you close your eyes at anything that even hints at your everlasting procrastination?????

Among my many such projects, at the very tippity top of my list,  has been my upstairs bathroom.  It had a Greco/Roman theme wallpaper that was just beautiful.  But once my little toddler discovered bath water can go on the wall, too, and that it will make paper peel quite easily,  I knew a decorating job was on the horizon.  But the weeks have turned to months and after another morning  trying to brush my teeth with my eyes closed I finally faced my fear in the mirror and said to my husband:  "I'm going to Home Depot".   

I actually love to decorate but I have a very hard time deciding to choose the look I want.  Does that sound familiar?  I did some searches for "Vintage Bath Decorating" and along the way these are some of the beautiful photos I came across:


You know I love this one in  Blue & White~~with the painted ceiling and Sunflowers~~another favorite of mine! 


And look at this!  That sink is just stunning and the vanity makes it so unique.  I love the pale yellow & lavender combo~~so soothing.  (And I think my blogger~friend Sophie would love this one so I hope she sees this post)!


I also love the simplicity of this bath~~someday I will own a claw foot tub!!  Although I'm not so sure about all those windows unless it's waaaaaaaay out in the mountains somewhere!  That chair has a very retro feel to it, too, and the blue colors are, again, in my favorite category!


This is just so elegant~~I have two chairs like this but unfortunately my bath is too small to have such a chair.  This is elegant simplicity at it's finest. . .very well done.


I thought this last one had a very rich, masculine look to it~~although it is a bit too dark for my bath I do like the deep russet walls with the pearl trim~~and again the dresser style vanity with the marble sink makes such a statement.

With so much inspiration it didn't take me long to pull together a new look for my "Powder Room".  Here are a few before pictures:


I have already taken down the old paper and sanded the walls~~not a job for anyone who cares about their manicure!

We'll be busy painting away over the next few days (my Vintage Treasures are getting so lonely but as they are more of a "Hobby" I have to put them on the back burner until I can place some check marks on my very long "To~Do List") 

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


100_2027 100_2024(My poor guest room is taking the brunt of it!!) 100_2026

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