06 June 2010


J. Dawson

I remember my dad introducing me to the Golden Lamb in the early ‘90’s. From then on it was part of the rites of fall. We made a point of going for lunch a couple of times a year ...but definitely one at Christmas as it lent itself so well to the holiday season. The GL always reminded me of ‘Holiday Inn’. Remember nice conversations with Jimmie, Bob and Chris. Beginning in the late 90’s a group of us would come on a Saturday a week or two before Christmas to talk ...over a very leisurely lunch ...about the coming cruise we would take to the Caribbean in late winter. With the passing of her grandparents, the operation has landed in the very capable hands of Katie who was kind enough to place a picture of our group from a prior year on our bow window table as a reservation holder. Lots of great memories. Look forward to future trips.

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I just came across your article, read it along with the music playing it brought back such happy memories.

The Red Velvet Shoe

Dear Dena~
Don't know how I missed replying to your comment~~apologies! To have enjoyed this gem as a young lady must have been a very special experience...thank you for sharing your thoughts & memories about "The Lamb".

The Red Velvet Shoe

Mr. Gearing,
I applaud the effort you made to seek out this hidden "dining experience"...I'm sure at the end of a long day in conference a 40 mile drive was a bit daunting. Yet, you now know, so worth it!
Thank you for sharing your thoughts...this post has become one of my most visited and I truly enjoy reading comments from so many who appreciate "The Lamb" and the history behind it's talented proprietors.

John Gearing

We were at a conference in Mystic last weekend and I chanced across the Golden Lamb while looking for an alternative to the shorts/tanktop/shore dinner scene (not that there's anything wrong with that, just that we wanted one dinner to be extra special). It's a 40 mile drive, one way, but well worth the effort!! The whole experience was wonderful, from cocktails on the veranda overlooking the donkeys and sheep, to the meal itself. Jess took us under her wing and couldn't have been more helpful, professional, yet so friendly we felt like family. We'll definitely be returning often, even though that means 275 miles round trip!! We had the roast duck....one of the signature dishes and it was exactly as described....the meat just falls off the bones. We plan on returning during each season for dinner...and perhaps a few lunches as well. Would love to tour the farm in the daylight.

The Red Velvet Shoe

Dear Tami,
Congratulations on this endeavor! I will update the post with information about The Primitive Creek to let newcomers know they can look forward to browsing through your shop on their visit as well. Thank you for visiting, please send my regards to Katie.

Tami Hamel

What a lovely article on this unique restaurant "The Golden Lamb"
They have also added a new country gift shop called "The Primitive Creek".
My name is Tami Hamel and I am the owner/operator of this wonderful gift shop added to the already enchanting establishment.
Being a Folk Artist of acrylic painting I was given the opportunity of acting as the event coordinator for the North Eastern CT Art Guild to facilitate an art exhibit at "The Golden Lamb" by the artists in July of 2009.
Scheduling an artist reception on July 11Th, people could come to meet the artists, be entertained by musical folk singers and enjoy delightful refreshments.
It was the following spring when I was contacted by Katie asking if I would be interested in opening a new gift shop as requested by their customers, thus The Primitive Creek was born.
Staying within the country decor the gift shop carries local artisans with items such as hand knitted scarves, knitted and felted wool purses, pottery, jewelry and Gourmet Chocolate Truffles just to mention a few. For the folks with a taste of more modern flare I also carry Murano, Italy Glass, vintage/antique window glass in every color of the rainbow and much, much more.


I just came across your article, read it along with the music playing it brought back such happy memories..Ahh, I was so young when I first went to the Buttery to a meal that was to die for, wine that flowed thru the meal along with light hearted conversation and laughter.. Thank-You Dena

The Red Velvet Shoe

Dear Janette,
Thank you so much for your visit and taking the time to leave such a wonderful comment about The Golden Lamb....I didn't know there had been an Antique Store in that (Fabulous!) barn, but it must have been amazing! And a personal wink from Mr. Newman to boot? Priceless! I wonder if Ms. Woodward ever visits? I suppose it would be a lesser experience without her lover...Best Wishes to you.


I chanced upon this lovely article on my favorite place to dine, and had to contribute...In the late 90's, when I came to visit my sister in-law, Teri (she owned an Antique shop in the barn)Jimmie & Bob were always light-hearted and warm towards me (actually Anyone). It felt like a home away from home...The Amazing aromas that wafted throughout the barn were So tantalizing, it was nearly impossible to resist! Dinner was always an Incredible experience each time I came. Being serenaded not only on the hayride, but also when we sat down to eat. Course after course of deliciously refreshing sides, to accompany the main dish - with herbs straight from there garden - what can you say?
I once met Paul Newman & his wife, when they came to the Lamb for dinner (I was forewarned - I Couldn't give up That oppurtunity!). I made a special batch of cookies (that practically No One can resist), and (we) got a kick out of him coming back to the store, when dinner concluded, to ask if he could take a few More cookies with him. Talk about being flattered...He must have grabbed a half dozen or more, so I asked him if he was going to share with his wife. He replied, "No way! She can get her own" And to get a wink from him, with Yes his Extraodinary blue eyes, would make Any woman blush, no matter what age she was.

The Lamb is timeless, intimate place, with exquisite food and a soothing atmosphere. A place to glimpse the deer quietly enjoying the distant pastures at sunset. A delight, not only to the palate, but to all your other senses as well. It's a place to dine with the Lamb's family...

The Red Velvet Shoe

Yes~it is an "experience", not just a meal...Katie is sure to prosper in her new role as proprietress!


I have been fortunate enough to eat at "The Golden Lamb Buttery" a few years ago and got to meet both Mr and Mrs Booth. Gracious hosts they were.
This is one of the most amazing restaurant experiences I have ever had the opportunity of experiencing in my life.
I am sure Katie will do well and will be making reservations in the near future for the upcoming season.

The Red Velvet Shoe

How fortunate for you! I was at the National Museum of American History of few years ago, but sadly at the time I did not know about this exhibit. It must be amazing to see all the artifacts from this brilliant man's work.
Be sure to tell Katie hello from The Red Velvet Shoe when you visit The Golden Lamb~enjoy!


Thanks for this post. About five years ago I purchased a suit at a thrift store. The style and detail of the suit really caught my eye. It turned out to be an original Robert Bennett PhotoMetric suit. It is 40+ years old and it is very unique. I can't wait to visit CT and go to this restaurant. They also have an exhibit and film at the National Museum of American History collection# AC0726. The exhibit does not have the actual suit, it just has pictures, paperwork, testimonials, order forms, camera equipment, and a film of the process. The suit is in excellent condition and has held up very well. I feel honored to have a piece of history. Again thanks for this information.

The Red Velvet Shoe

How wonderful for you to be a part of this wonderful establishment, I envy you!


Eleven years ago, my husband and I were given a gift certificate to come and enjoy our 10th anniversary at this wonderful haven. I fell in love immediately and have been an employee of The Golden Lamb Buttery for the past 11 years. I consider it an honor and a priviledge to work here. There is something magical about this place; it is like having friends over for dinner. The stories on this site are familiar yet I find it refreshing to see another person's view. It me makes me proud to be a part of our establishment.


Hello Michelle,

Thank you for the comment on our blog:) Don't you just LOVE the Golden Lamb.... The northeast "quiet corner" of CT has amazing restaurants!!!

I Love your blog! We are planning a vintage inspired wedding on 10/10/10 in my parent's back yard in CT. If you are local I would love to chat someday:) Cheers!


How wonderful!! Thank you for posting!

Countess de Vintage

What a fabulous post! And that red and white floral sundress is so cute - I hope we can get a proper look sometime :)

Anastasia S.

What a lovely post! I will definitely jot this down on my 'places to visit' list!

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